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Doris September 2019.jpg

doris broder jakob


The Swiss artist doris broder jakob was born in Berne in 1950 and is living today in the french-speaking part of Switzerland, in Avenches.


The self-educated artist expresses all her inner emotions and inspirations on to the canvas through strong and vivid colours.


The compositions, mostly done in oils, acryl and various blended techniques embrace both intensity and delicacy. The eye of the beholder is drawn to the colours while the heart is free to exploit, to discover, to feel, and to reflect whatever mood lies in oneself.


And this originality makes the paintings by doris broder jakob so precious.


She presented her work for the first time at the "Galerie Schörli-Hus" in Zurich. Numerous solo-exhibitions followed in Berne, Schaffhausen, Firbourg, Lucerne, Zug, Champéry, a.s.o.


Her debut abroad started

2013 in New York (Art and Sense, Manhattan),


succeded by expositions


2014 in Berlin (Kunst 2014 Art-Forum) and

2015 in Florence (Contempor-Arte, Galleria d'Arte Mentana).


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